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 Wedding Dress Buying and Fitting Tips - Do's and Don't

Lucky are those who have no trouble finding a Wedding Dress, or any garment of the rack to say, that fits perfectly.

From experience, a custom made wedding dress requires two to three fittings, and off the rack one that requires alteration even more fittings.  Always buy a dress that is your size or as closer to your size as possible, do not count on being able to take in or let our by more than one size if your lucky two sizes in or out.  Keep in mind that some dresses do not allow the seam to let out as much, not to mention, with fabrics like velvet and satin, the original seam line will show. 

  • Resist the Sale Urge.
Resist the Sale Urge to buy a wedding dress that is too large for you.  Such dress will require to be rip apart and re-cut to fit properly on your body.  This is costly and can easily become over your budget.    Keep in mind it is always easy to take in than to let out.

"As general rule if you do not find your exact size buy the one that fits the largest part of your body."

  • Warning! some bridal shops deliberately order the wrong size.
Check your bridal shop before buying.  Make sure they have your exact measurements.  Order way in advance, if you get the wrong size there will be time to order another dress with the correct size.

  • Online buying
Remember that not all labels are sized the same way, make sure you compare their sizes to yours.

  • when choosing a tailor, chose tailor reputation and experience over the lowest rate.
It is said you get what you pay for, do not take risk ruining your dress, not to mention having to pay for someone else to fix a cheap job.

  • To get the best estimate on how much it cost to fit your dress, make an appointment.
Do not try to obtain an estimate over the phone, a reputable tailor will ask you to make an appointment.  Keep in mind it take time to fit you best.  Thus do not insist on a specific day if an appointment is not available and you have plenty of time.

  • Consider hemming long dress to hang about 1" from the floor. Show off your shoes.
Heavy dresses with high heals coupled with the anxiety of the day it most surely heightens the risk of tripping possibility.  Show off your shoes.

  • Aware of upcoming physical dimensions changes - Let your tailor know.
Pregnant, planning a cosmetic breast surgery, make your tailor aware of it, in some cases it may be better to wait to after the surgery for your fitting.